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School Crest, Motto & Song


The School Crest is in the shape of a shield. There are 3 lines on the crest which signify the close relationship of the school, the home and the community. In the middle of the crest are the words "NGEE ANN" in traditional Chinese characters, symbolising the link of the school to its history. Beneath the crest is the name of the school in English and the school motto "ONWARD IN UNITY". It is a reminder to our pupils that they should always persevere and never give up hope.


The motto "ONWARD IN UNITY" is to remind the pupils that they have to work in unity to bring about success in their endeavour.


We're the pupils of Ngee Ann Primary,
Young though we may be.
We're the pillars of society
Not lacking in humility.

Ngee Ann Primary,
Ngee Ann Primary,
Our pride you’ll always be.
To seek for knowledge as rule
Diligent we must be.
Bring honour to our beloved school,
This our aim shall be.

Ngee Ann, Ngee Ann,
Our pride you’ll always be.
Ngee Ann, Ngee Ann,
Our pride you'll always be.