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School Rules

  1. Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart.
  2. Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  3. Pupils must be punctual for school and all school activities.
  4. Pupils must take pride in their work and hand in work on time.
  5. Pupils must keep the school premises clean at all times.
  6. Pupils must take good care of all school properties and must not take things which do not belong to them.
  7. Pupils must not run or play along the corridors at all times.
  8. Pupils must behave themselves at all times both within and outside the school.
  9. Pupils are not permitted to leave the school compound if they have supplementary, remedial lessons, CCAs or any other enrichment programmes after the official school hours.
  10. Pupils are allowed to bring only approved electronic devices to school. Pupils who bring their mobile phones are not permitted to use them during lessons. Pupils are not allowed to take photographs or videos within the school compound without the school's permission.
  11. Pupils are expected to attend school on school days. Absence from school must be covered with a Medical Certificate (MC) or a letter from the parent/guardian. Absence from a school examination must be covered with a medical certificate which states that the pupil is unfit for the examination. Except for unusual medical conditions, pupils who attain less than 90% attendance in a year will be given a "Fair" conduct grade at best in their end-of-year progress reports.
  12. Pupils are to behave respectfully at all times.
  13. Pupils must keep their hair short and neat. For boys, the hair must not touch the collar. Girls who wish to keep long hair must tie it up neatly with dark blue or black hair accessories. No dyeing, colouring or highlighting of hair is allowed. No wearing of accessories except a simple watch.