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Competitions 2016

Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest 2016
Boh Tuang Kit Justin 
Chong Zi Qi 

Singapore Math Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) competition 2016
Chow Yen Kit 

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad 2016
Silver Award
Lim Li Xin Jed

Tales of eBook Competition 2016 by Civica
Lucas Yeo 
Giselle Ng 

WITS & WORDS: Inter-School Debate Championship 2016
1st Runner up (2nd place) Division 2
Phoon Juei 
Dilaan Sivakumar 
Joel Ng Wei En 
Ryan Tan De Sheng 
Chong Yun Fong, Ranen 

Good Speaker Award (Division 2)
Dilaan Sivakumar 
Phoon Juei 

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore 2016
Ngee Ann Primary School - Top 10 school
Jed Lim Li Xin 
Phoon Juei 
Ryan Tan Kai Han 
Tan Cher Hean 

Malay Language E7 cluster competition: Warna-Warni Bahasa 2016
2nd postion

Primary 2

Muhammad Rauf Putera Mohammad Aris
Ryaneiri Eldrie Selamat Ithnin
Yusuf Balhaqi Mohamad Sharuddin

Primary 3
Raul Neeraj Bhagohandani
Rihanna Shahren
Hannah Mohamed Azharee

Primary 4
Hafiy Aniq Bin Daniel Khalid 
Mohd Feroz Bin Mohamed

Primary 5
Shaquile Mohd Shafik Guna
Indra Marzuqi Muskh Bakar 
Mohamad Abbas Mohamad Nizam