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To obtain GRaciousness through Arts, Creating Excellence (GRACE) in Performing Arts

Objectives of the programme:

  1. Nurture a school-wide vibrant Arts culture
  2. Develop students talented in the Arts to their fullest potential
  3. Develop students’ 21st Century Competencies (21CC), Social Emotional (SE) Competencies and Core Values using the Arts as a platform

We aim to nurture creative and passionate pupils in Performing & Visual Arts by delivering quality programmes and building a vibrant Arts culture in our school.

The school adopts a holistic approach to develop our pupils in the area of Aesthetics. Through our structured Aesthetics Programme, students are developed in the area of Performing Arts through our GRACE in Performing Arts ( GRaciousness through Arts, Creating Excellence in Performing Arts ) and Visual Arts. The Aesthetics Programme constitutes programmes which are carried out during curriculum, PAL (Programme for Active Learning) / NAME Programme and CCA.

Our Art Instructional Programme (AIP) and Music Instructional Programme (MIP) focus on using the Art and Music to create Art and Music compositions and to inculcate in our pupils the ability to appreciate the different aspects of Art and Music. Appropriate Character Development learning outcomes based on 21CC, SE Competencies and Core Values standards and benchmarks are infused in the lessons.


Popular Music Jam Band

• Manga Drawing

• Wire sculpture

• iMovie

• Art Learning Journey



Fun with Resonator Bars

Music of Australia


• Digital art using iPad

• Observational drawing



Garage Band


 Ukulele(II) and K Pop Dance (NAME)

• Photography & photo editing

• Doodle art



 Ukulele (I)


 iPad Orchestra & Hip Hop Dance (NAME)

• MS PowerPoint

• Mark making

• Action painting


Chinese Orchestra Instruments

• MS Paint

• Printmaking

• Air-dry clay

• Observational drawing

Creative Dance (PAL)



Chinese Orchestra Percussion

• Self-portrait drawing

• Fun with plasticine

• Paper crafts

A Musical Journey (PAL)