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Our Art Instructional Programme offers our students a comprehensive programme which allows them to acquire skills, techniques and exposure to different art forms (2-dimensional & 3-dimensional art) through drawing, painting, crafts and digital art.


Key Programme



Primary 1

Drawing & Crafts

Term 1 to 4

•     Learn the fundamental skills and techniques in the Elements of Art through a journey of self-discovery and experiential learning

•     Build students’ awareness of self and confidence

Primary 2

3D Sculpture

MS Paint

Term 2

Term 3

•     Learn about 2D & 3D art form in different medium

•     Build students’ awareness of self & community

•     Provide opportunities for students to learn ICT software

Primary 3

Drawing & Crafts

Term 1 to 4

 •     Build students’ ability to make own decisions and manage time

•     Provide opportunities for acquiring skills through inquiry based learning

Primary 4

Photo Journalism

Museum Based Learning

Term 1

Term 2

•     Learn about photo-taking & photo editing techniques.

•     Learn to present photo using PowerPoint software

•     Expose students to local artists’ artworks in a museum setting

Primary 5

Drawing & Crafts

Term 1 & 2

•     Learn about the elements of art in 3D art form through dioramas

•     Build students’ awareness of environmental issues through relief art

•     Provide opportunities for creative expression through Surrealism drawing.

Primary 6


Stop motion Animation & 

Term 2

Term 3

•     Learn to draw Manga style characters and build a storyline around their characters

•     Learn about elements of art, storyboarding & stop-motion animation

•     Devise ideas from students’ Manga stories of Singapore and bring the stories to life through stop motion animation

•     Provide opportunities for self-directed learning and teamwork