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Values in Action (VIA)

VIA provide the learning experiences that support students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. The experiences encourage students to be actively involved in meaningful activities at home and in school.  They develop a sense of responsibility and care for their own and shared spaces through daily cleaning and adopting sustainability practices in school and at home. Time is allocated during Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) for students to plan and implement projects where they can contribute to the class and school, and reflect on what they have learnt.


Some highlights of our VIA activities include Use-Your-Hands campaign for all students, Happy Helper for Primary 1 and 2, Clean Plate Campaign for Primary 3, Buddy Programme for Primary 4, Support Staff Appreciation for Primary 5 and Community Outreach for Primary 6.


P3 Clean Plate Campaign


P4 Buddy Programme


P5 Support Staff Appreciation


P6 Community Outreach