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Additional Support

  • Learning Support Programme
  • The MOE Learning Support Programme is a specialised early intervention programme to help students who enter Primary 1 with weak English language and literacy skills. Identification of students is done through a systematic screening process that is carried out at the beginning of P1.

    The Learning Support Coordinator and Senior Teacher works with the students to equip them with the basic literacy skills that will enable them to then access learning in the regular classroom. The students are also supported in the school’s reading programme where they are paired with a buddy or helped by parent volunteers in reading. Additional classes and special assistance are also given to students from other levels to help them be on par with most of their peers.

    The school also carries out SDR and RRP programmes for middle-primary students who require additional support for their learning.

  • Workshops for students
  • Workshops on oral, writing and comprehension are conducted to prepare students for the PSLE. These have been effective in helping students zoom into the expectations of the examinations. Follow-up actions are then taken by the individual English teacher.