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Curriculum Approach

  • As non-native English learners, students must be taught the various conventions of reading, writing and language learning. Alongside STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading), this school curriculum extends students’ learning through text-type teaching. By the end of the primary school year, students would have been equipped with the skills to handle all the different text types of the English Language.

  • Language learning thrives with the use of authentic materials. Students are exposed to the various media through the use of newspaper, magazines, movie viewing, authentic materials for active learning and learning journeys out of school. Experiential learning is crucial in building up students’ schema. Language learning is thus made more meaningful and interesting.

  • In order to build students’ communication skills, students are provided platforms to present their oral skills through Show and Tell, choral recitations and group presentations.

  • In order to bridge the students’ progression into the middle and upper curricula, a bridging programme each at P2 and 4 has been implemented. This is to allow students to progress into the next phase with greater ease. This is done by exposing students early to the language components taught at P5 and 6.

  • Students are given the opportunity to participate in external and international competitions. The exposure provides them with the experience and a self-assessment of their standing in the national and/or international arena.