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Curriculum Approach

At Ngee Ann Primary, the key programmes for pupils not only include the attainment of base-line ICT standards; they also include the promotion of learning through ICT using fun and interactive ways.

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The ICT department will also promote the inculcation of 21st Century skills of thinking, communication, collaboration and management through its programmes. This will ensure that all Ngee Ann Primary pupils will embody the four domains of these skills and be confident, self-directed learners committed to life-long learning, concerned citizens and active contributors.

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Teachers will play an integral role in the process. They will explore various assessment modes such as MC online portal and create multiple and appropriate platforms such as Google Docs to promote collaborative learning.

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Pupils will also be taught the importance of Cyber wellness, which includes net safety and etiquette, copyright issues and respecting intellectual property. This will in turn help to develop the pupils' awareness of the dangers in the internet and empowers him to take responsibility for his own well-being. In addition to Cyber wellness lessons,pupil leaders, Cyber Wellness Ambassadors also share with the whole school in several Cyber wellness topics like ‘Internet Safety’ and ‘Cyberonia’.

Finally, Ngee Ann Primary teachers also, fortify their cyber wellness knowledge through sharing sessions.