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Core Math Programme

Core Math Programs @ Ngee Ann

Learning Experiences

Besides learning concepts and skills, developing pupils’ cognitive and metacognitive skills are equally important. These skills can learned through carefully constructed learning experiences. These learning experiences provie pupils with opportunity to work together, encourages them to be inquisitive and discover mathematical results on their own.



Factual Fluency

Factual fluency is development of students’ ability to recall basic math facts automatically without hesitation. As Factual Fluency is one of the key component in a math lesson, it is introduced to all classes. Time was set aside during Math lessons to practice basic number facts to develop factual fluency in students. This is to help ease students’ cognitive load when learning new concepts.

Teachers uses different forms such as flash cards, singing of songs, speed test and games during Math lessons to allow pupils to practice Factual Fluency with their classmates in a fun and interesting way.


Heuristics Skills (Process Skills) in Problem Solving (P3 to P6)

Various heuristics skills are introduced systematically at each level to help students develop competency in their thinking skills through meaningful and challenging tasks. Coupled with the STAR approach, these tasks develop a set of good habits of mind to help students improve on their reasoning and make good connections between various Mathematical concepts.