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Core Math Programme

Core Math Programs @ Ngee Ann

Performance Task (P1 to P2)

Performance task is a hands-on activity which uses various concrete objects and measuring instrument to learn a skill or a Mathematical concept. This is an effective teaching approach as younger pupils tend to learn better through play.

Factual Fluency (P1 to P4)

Factual fluency is development of pupils’ ability to recall basic math facts automatically without hesitation. As Factual Fluency is one of the key component in an ICAN lesson, it was introduced to all classes in P1 to P4. Time was set aside during Math lessons to practise basic number facts to develop factual fluency in pupils. This is to help ease pupils’ cognitive load when learning new concepts 

Teachers uses different forms such as flash cards, singing of songs, speed test and games during Math lessons to allow pupils to practice Factual Fluency with their classmates in a fun and interesting way.

Heuristics Skills (Process Skills) in Problem Solving (P2 to P6)

Various heuristics skills are introduced systematically at each level to help pupils develop competency in their thinking skills through meaningful and challenging tasks. Coupled with Polya’s 4-step Problem Solving Techniques, these tasks develop a set of good habits of mind to help pupils improve on their reasoning and make good connections between various Mathematical concepts.

Activity Based Lessons

To nurture the joy of learning in mathematics, activity based lessons were developed to encourage active learning through play. These lessons use manipulatives and/or technology to enhance understanding of concepts in the classrooms. Innovative learning space such as Math Corner & Game Play Area for pupils to learn through play. Go Math! Programme during recess for low progress pupils (P1 to P3) to give these pupils the opportunity to learn and reinforce mathematical concepts through play in a non-threatening environment.