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Special Programme

Lower Primary Games Day

Lower Primary Games Day (LPG Day) encourages high interaction between form/subject teachers and pupils through fun and simple activities. It promotes class camaraderie and allows participants to develop closer bonds with each other. These activities also reinforce in our pupils our school values of Integrity, Resilience, Respect and Tenacity.

ARENA Games Day

Upper Primary will pit their sports skills in various events representing each house colours. Students mingled with students from different levels of the same house to give their best for their respective house colours! House colours are being led by a PE Teacher.

P4/ P6 NAPFA Walk/ Run

The P4 / P6 Sprint aims to foster closer parent-child relationships by allowing parents to run with their children during the NAPFA 1.6km walk/run. The event’s location at the East Coast Park provides a relaxed setting for a challenging activity. The cheers of the pupils and parents provide a carnival-like atmosphere which helps to spur all runners to give their best. It is certainly an afternoon eagerly anticipated by both pupils and their parents!

P5 Rough-it-Out Camp!

Held in the school, the full-day camp encourages pupils to step out of their usual comfort zone by engaging in challenging yet fun-filled activities. Outdoor excursions and indoor games are organised to promote team-building and stronger peer relations. The camp is kept to a short 2-day duration starting from 2017.

P6 ‘Chillax’ session

During the ‘Chillax’ session, the P6 pupils are treated to a series of activities meant to help them to relax and de-stress after the hectic exams. Activities like fencing, archery, tchoukball, boxing, kinball etc. he activities also serve to let the P6 pupils know that the school is concerned not just with their academic performance but also their mental and emotional wellness.

P6 ‘CAMPeraderie’

An after school half-day event hosts P6 students to battle it out against other classes through 5-station Teambuilding Games. There are teachers-vs-pupils-vs-parents tripartite games. The highlight is the significance of lighting up of the light stick marks the end of Semester 1, and beginning of their preparations towards PSLE during the June school break.