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Science Curriculum Framework and Approach

Science Curriculum Framework

The Science Curriculum Framework is derived from the Policy Framework for the Teaching and Learning of Science. It encapsulates the thrust of science education in Singapore to prepare our students to be sufficiently adept as effective citizens, able to function in and contribute to an increasingly technologically-driven world.

Central to the curriculum framework is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry. The conduct of inquiry is founded on three integral domains of (a) Knowledge, Understanding and Application, (b) Skills and Processes and (c) Ethics and Attitudes. These domains are essential to the practice of science. The curriculum design seeks to enable students to view the pursuit of science as meaningful and useful. Inquiry is thus grounded in knowledge, issues and questions that relate to the roles played by science in daily life, society and the environment.


Science Curriculum Approach

Science teaching and learning in Ngee Ann Primary School is based on the inquiry-based approach in which students are engaged in meaningful activities and processes to develop fundamental science concepts, principles and theories, as well as science process skills and attitudes. Students learn through hands-on experimentation, collaborative learning and self-exploration. Learning stations and outdoor learning have been included in the Science curriculum to enthuse, engage, empower and enrich student learning in the school.