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Special Programme

Excellence 2000 Science (E2K)


The Excellence 2000 (E2K) programme allows students who display a mastery of the subject of Science to undergo programmes analogous to the E2K programs in the US and Israel. The P4 and 5 E2K programme is conducted as an enrichment programme after school on Wednesdays.


P3 & P4 Practical Assessments

The aim of Practical Assessments is to provide an alternative assessment of pupils’ learning from the conventional written assessment. Apart from the class-based group experiment activities, pupils are given the individual opportunities to exercise the science skills learnt such as Observing, Classifying and Comparing through the annual Practical Assessments conducted in Term 3.


P3 “Every Child a Seed” Programme


Every Child a Seed is one of the programmes organised by NParks to involve school students in appreciating greenery.

In this programme, every P3 student is given a chance to grow his/her own plant and experience the joy of seeing it grow. Through this process, we hope that our students will appreciate the effort needed to care for plants and in turn understand that for our City in a Garden to thrive, care and involvement by the community is crucial.






P3 to P6 Thematic Learning Stations

This is an Inquiry-based Hands-on Learning approach. Using Inquiry-based Hands-on Learning Station Approach, students were motivated to learn through hands-on work, exploring and discovering Science concepts through collaboration with other students within the group. 

P3 to P6 Online Self-Directed Learning

The objective of this programme is to allow the pupils to be able to access revision lessons learnt in school through the school’s online portal regularly.  Parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s completion of the online homework.