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Our Parents Support Group (PSG) was formed in 1999 to promote parenting skills and value of family bonding. The PSG members participate actively in our school programmes.

PSG understands that to help our students succeed, both parents and school have to work in tandem to have a profound influence on the child. This partnership built on trust and shared responsibilities can potentially provide fresh perspectives for the school and its partners-in-education. Parents, school and the community collaborate and complement one another’s efforts to reach a common understanding of the goals and outcomes that we to achieve for our children’s holistic learning and development.

PSG members are to be role models to our students.

1.     All members are expected to follow the school rules and be respectful to the authority of the school and fellow PSG members.

2.     Members may not use the good name of School and or PSG  to communicate or authorize any transaction with any individual or members of the public in general without prior approval of the School.

3.     Members must always conduct themselves in the best of behaviour and exhibit a positive image and dress appropriately at all times in the school and representing school for external events.

4.     Members should refrain from commenting about the school or the PSG publicly. Any displeasure should be brought to the attention of the Principal or Chairman, PSG, respectively.

5.      Members must observe social media etiquette in any forms of communication like whatsapp chat, social media group and platforms (facebook, instagram). Such platforms must not be used for individual vested interest.

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