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Members' Views

PSG_Cover_copy.gif"Being a part of the PSG has helped me greatly to understand the school much better, get to know the staff of the school in a more informal setting, build up a network of friends with other parents which has been tremendous and a very nice way to contribute back and support our children in the school. It has been a great experience and I would highly recommend parents to be part of the PSG!

Mr Sanjay Patel

"My involvement as a member of the PSG has given me the opportunity to interact closer with the teachers, staff, fellow PSG members and more importantly, students of all levels. As I work part-time, I can find time to be a parent volunteer and this has allowed me much bonding time with my child through all kinds of activities in and out of school. I also enjoy sharing my experiences and working with the teachers to help our children when the need for my help arises."

Mdm Karen Sng

"I enjoyed performancing my duty as a traffic warden, whether it's rain or shine, for the past three years. As a working father, this is my small contribution to the school and seeing the children's afety is my greatest satisfaction".

Mr Solo Teo

“I joined the Parent Support Group as I believe that the support group is a useful channel to allow parents to interact with the school, which can then foster closer parent-school ties. On a personal level, joining the PSG allows parents another means to interact with our children.”

Mr James See

"Forever young, forever young...." The strains of the song trailed at the end of the PSG parenting talk. Yes! We, the PSG at NAPS, remain forever young in our ideals, thoughts and action. Being in the PSG has helped me maintain my youthfulness especially when in the company of the students. They are the ones that remind me youth is but a passing phase but being young at heart can remain with you forever".

Mdm Tan Hiang Lee

" I joined the PSG being a firm believer in parents and teachers coming together in making a difference to the school and ultimately, our children. Not only have I made new friends among my fellow PSG members, I have the honour of leading the Fathers@NAPS sub-group, implementing actions to elevate the fathering role in NAPS."

Mr Alvin Lee Chong Yin

“Being a PSG member has given me many precious moments in the past year as I get to know the school and its wonderful people, from pupils, teachers and staff to fellow parents. From helping pupils to stage a play on the environment to saying hi to familiar faces in school, it is a great feeling knowing that I have made valuable contributions in my own small way. Also, knowing that his mother is a committed PSG member may have made my son’s primary school year a smoother, happier one as he feels at home in school.”

Mdm Wong Sher Maine

"Being part of the PSG has been a really fun and enjoyable way of meeting a group of enthusiastic and kind-hearted parents who are keen to give something back to the school. It has also given me a much better insight into the intricacies of school life, so I have a better understanding of that part of my son's life. The best thing about being involved with the PSG, however, is the warm response we see from the children, as they really appreciate the input from the parents, and definitely gain an additional dimension to their education."

Mdm Joy Marie Lim

"I am a firm believer that a child's early years at school play a critical part in defining a child's path through the rest of his or her life.
Getting involved in NAPS PSG has enable me to connect to my child's learning journey by engaging with teachers, networking and sharing with like-minded parents.  Programmes from Family Matters!@School facilitate our personal learning development, gearing us to greater understanding in engaging with our own child.  All in all, it makes for a better quality of life in an academic context".

 Mr Alvin Lee

"Once my child was enrolled in Ngee Ann, I signed up for PSG library duty.  I love packing books, interacting with the children and seeing their happy faces when they participate in the activities.  It is a great pleasure working hand-in-hand with others to give our children the best primary school experience".

Mdm Henny Ng